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Here’s what ADD Management Group clients have to say about our private coaching and coaching programs.


I would not have been able to help my AD/HD daughter without the help of Jen and ADD Management. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to have you in my life.

I have no doubt that I would not have been in any position to help my daughter without you. I'm not sure what the future holds for me in many areas, but I am certain that I will have the ability, the strength and the belief in myself that no matter what happens, I'll be able to deal with it and make it work...I know that because you showed me how.

Angela Palmier
Smithton, IL




My confidence is higher than ever!

I have all of the materials downloaded and the recordings from the classes and I keep referring back to it is really a long term investment...this keeps it available to me when I need it for reference or support.

I gladly give this program two thumbs up and encourage any adult looking to grow and stretch their view of themselves and ADD to jump on the Maverick band wagon!

Steffanie Roulet
Valley City, OH




Informative, entertaining and fun – that is how I would describe coaching with Jennifer! Before I began working with Jennifer, I was managing with meds and not following through on the real world side of things.

Jennifer has since showed me through her incredible knowledge how to turn my ADD into something positive and useful. She has helped me to “think outside of the box”. I now realize that it is not my fault and I have stopped blaming myself for failures that have happened in the past.

My head is a whole lot clearer now, thanks to Jennifer!

Randy Feldman
Fair Lawn, NJ



  Chaos! That is how I would describe my life before I began working with Jennifer. I had low self-esteem, I felt all alone and as if I was disconnected from my peers. Jennifer has become my safety net. She truly is someone who understands where I am at. I always know that I can turn to her. Not only am I better with organization, but I am also more motivated.

Jennifer is truly gifted. She has given me a gift – the gift of a better and easier life. This was something I never thought I would have. Jennifer, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tracey Miller
Stoughton, MA



After finding out I had ADD, I didn’t know how to make it better.  Jennifer helped me see that it’s not my fault.  She helped me understand that I am doing the best I can do, and now other people’s opinions don’t bother me as much anymore.  She has been extremely uplifting and always turns my negativity into positivity. 

I had aspired to be a Coach, but might never have pursued the dream without Jennifer’s encouragement.  She not only encourages me to be a coach, but supports me as well.  I never would have pursued this dream without the positive affirmations and constant encouragement Jennifer has provided to me.

Sharon Howell,
Easton, CT




I started working with Jennifer when I was first diagnosed with ADD. I learned so much in just the first few weeks. I really looked forward to my one-on-one calls with her because she was so incredibly helpful. I also found that I learned a lot from listening to the others in the group. I would recommend this coaching program to anyone!

Leonard Rutkin
Las Vegas, NV



Before joining the coaching program I felt like my life was ruined. I had no job and my relationship was suffering.

When I joined the coaching program and learned the Essential Skills, everything changed. Jennifer taught me how to slow down and that was an important step in learning how to manage my ADD.

Now I own a growing real estate business and life at home has really improved. My wife and I donít fight as much and my kids are happy to see me.

Matt Katz
Brooklyn, NY



  In the past I lost several thousands of dollars by not billing for my insurance clients promptly. It has caused me great anguish and frustration. With Jennifer, I achieved one of my main goals by getting caught up on all my past due medical insurance billing and have a new system in place of billing for each treatment before I do the next one.

I am very grateful for your assistance in changing my behavior. After 57 years of struggle it really seems to be the most effective in actually making change happen for me.

Michael Merrimer
Honolulu, HI


I was a relatively new ADD coach and was feeling a lack of confidence in myself and what I had to offer. Jennifer worked with me to help me become aware of my accomplishments and offered me great ideas to build my practice.

She's warm, supportive, and will give you the kind of concrete ideas and information you can only get from a seasoned coach.

Mimi Handlin
Seattle, WA



  The most interesting thing I learned in the coaching program is that ADD is manageable.  It should not exclusively be thought of as a disability, but understood as simply a difference that has positive qualities that can be embraced and nurtured. 

I have a newfound belief in my abilities.  I trust my life, personally and professionally, will be better from now on.

Michael Zorich
New York, NY


Jennifer did an outstanding job of making me feel welcome.  I really like her presentation style - educational, inclusive & authentic. She doesn't preach or condemn.  Instead I feel like I’m listening to a person who knows both professionally and personally what she is talking about in a way that I can trust and put to use immediately.

Barbara Bradford
Minneapolis, MN




This is the best (money) I have ever spent...Invested in myself! And believe me, I have spent a lot trying to "change" and be "normal" -- all wasted money. Here I can learn how to be ME with ADD. NOW I feel hope again at 50! I had just about given up!

Paul Henry
Plymouth, MA


The thing that really strikes me is that my life has changed for the better as a result of this coaching program. Things will always be better for me now, and the program was instrumental in this happening.

Lona Stein
New York, NY




Before taking Jennifer’s ADD Clutter Busters workgroup, I was really down on myself. Here I was trying to establish myself as a budding entrepreneur, but my mind and life were becoming overwhelmed by clutter.

I took Jennifer’s workgroup, in hopes of taking back some control. I have certainly received my return on investment!

Jennifer taught us how to focus on only one small segment of clutter, rather than being overwhelmed by the whole picture.

I’m now experiencing small successes, rather than overwhelming defeat. Now I know that “taming” clutter is a process, but “a journey starts with one small step at a time”.

Karen Fuller
London, Ontario, Canada




One of Jen’s best attributes is her ability to reframe things in a self-empowering way, and to further frame things from an optimistic, out-of-the-box, “possibility” perspective. More importantly than that, she puts pragmatic steps behind the possibilities. Pie-in-the-sky thinking is of little use unless you can put together the necessary steps and execute it. Jen can nudge and hold me accountable because she’s “walked the path” and knows it firsthand.

When I started the Odd One Out Coaching Program I was in the midst of a life-altering family crisis. Jen was able to “get” immediately that this wasn’t the right timing for me to bite off much else—or to push much farther out of my comfort zone, since I was already well outside of it. Jen’s insight really helped me during a very trying time.

Lisa Nelson
Redondo Beach, CA



  Jen is a quick thinking, straight talking business owner who is one of the few clients to challenge me, both in open forum and one to one. She doesn't take anything at face value and analyses until she is happy with a new idea - then, unlike most people, she does something about it. A great coach and a good friend.

Chris Barrow
The Business Coaching Company, England