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  We offer a variety of coaching programs to suit your needs and budget.  






Coaching Products

We offer coaching products on the hot topics in adult ADD management. These personal tools and study kits are an affordable way for you to learn ADD management skills and apply coaching solutions to your own life!   


Coaching Programs

Our innovative Membership Program allows you to learn ADD management strategies at your own pace and on your own time. Each month, the program offers live teleclasses, class recordings, recommended resources, coaching exercises, member forums, and access to the ADD Management Group coaches.

In the Membership Program you’ll:

  • Learn all about adult ADD and how it presents both challenges and advantages
  • Get cutting-edge tools and strategies for managing adult ADD
  • Connect with other ADDers and coaches who understand and support you


Private Coaching

The ADD Management Group coaches are available for those who want a more personal coaching experience. Each coach works within the ADD Management coaching model, and you can choose the coach who you think will be your best fit.

As a Private Coaching client, you’ll:

  1. Work individually with your coach to manage your challenges and enhance your strengths
  2. Learn the 5 Essential Skills for Managing Adult ADD and apply them to your own life
  3. Get the tools you need to move forward in your life and achieve your goals
  4. Receive complimentary access to our Membership Program for added resources and support