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The thing that really strikes me is that my life has changed for the better as a result of this program. Things will always be better for me now, and the program was instrumental in this happening.

Lona Stein
New York, NY





  Chaos! That is how I would describe my life before I began working with Jennifer. I had low self-esteem, I felt all alone and as if I was disconnected from my peers. Jennifer has become my safety net. She truly is someone who understands where I am at. I always know that I can turn to her. Not only am I better with organization, but I am also more motivated.

Jennifer is truly gifted. She has given me a gift – the gift of a better and easier life. This was something I never thought I would have. Jennifer, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tracey Miller
Stoughton, MA






I started working with Jennifer when I was first diagnosed with ADD.  I learned so much in just the first few weeks. 

I really looked forward to my one-on-one calls with her because she was so incredibly helpful.  I also found that I learned a lot from listening to the others in the group. 

I would recommend this coaching program to anyone!

Leonard Rutkin
Las Vegas, NV






  After finding out I had ADD, I didn’t know how to make it better.  Jennifer helped me see that it’s not my fault.  She helped me understand that I am doing the best I can do, and now other people’s opinions don’t bother me as much anymore.  She has been extremely uplifting and always turns my negativity into positivity. 

I had aspired to be a Coach, but might never have pursued the dream without Jennifer’s encouragement. She not only encourages me to be a coach, but supports me as well.  I never would have pursued this dream without the positive affirmations and constant encouragement Jennifer has provided to me.

Sharon Howell,
Easton, CT.







Before joining the coaching program I felt like my life was ruined.

I had no job and my relationship was suffering. When I joined the coaching program and learned the Essential Skills, everything changed. Jennifer taught me how to slow down and that was an important step in learning how to manage my ADD.

Now I own a growing real estate business and life at home has really improved. My wife and I don’t fight as much and my kids are happy to see me.

Matt Katz
Brooklyn, NY





  The most interesting thing I learned in the program is that ADD is manageable. It should not exclusively be thought of as a disability, but understood as simply a difference that has positive qualities that can be embraced and nurtured.

I have a newfound belief in my abilities. I trust my life, personally and professionally, will be better from now on.

Michael Zorich
New York, NY





  Informative, entertaining and fun – that is how I would describe coaching with Jennifer! Before I began working with Jennifer, I was managing with meds and not following through on the real world side of things.

Jennifer has since showed me through her incredible knowledge how to turn my ADD into something positive and useful. She has helped me to “think outside of the box”. I now realize that it is not my fault and I have stopped blaming myself for failures that have happened in the past.

My head is a whole lot clearer now, thanks to Jennifer!

Randy Feldman
Fair Lawn, NJ


Is Coaching with Jennifer Right for You?

Do you have really good intentions about getting organized, managing your time, following through and staying focused, only to find that you just don’t know how to make positive changes that will last?

Do you tend to be very self-critical? Have you been told that you’re “your own worst enemy”?

Have you ever felt like you could be enjoying your life so much more if you could just “get it together” long enough to reach your goals?

You’re not alone. Many adults with ADD feel the same way you do.    

Having adult ADD can be incredibly frustrating. You find yourself in a chronic state of overwhelm in which you are mentally and/or physically pushing yourself to do more, more, more... and then burning out, losing your motivation and energy.

You try really hard to change, but you make mistakes and beat yourself up for them. You’ve tried various tips and strategies, only to find that they don’t work long term, if they work at all.

If you’re tired of letting ADD stop you from achieving your goals and you’re ready to learn how to manage it once and for all, then private coaching with Jennifer is right for you!

What Does it Mean to “Manage Your ADD”? 

Here’s how defines the word “manage”: to bring about or succeed in accomplishing, sometimes despite difficulty or hardship.  It’s a verb; something you do.

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is not something that can be “cured.” It doesn’t go away. It comes with both challenges and benefits. The most successful ADDers learn how to work with those challenges, and reach their goals in spite of them. 

They also embrace the positive aspects of ADD, and focus on maximizing them. That’s what managing ADD is all about.

Private coaching with the ADD Management Group is specifically designed to provide you with a solid foundation of ADD management skills and the confidence you need to reach your goals.


Results You Can Expect

The ADD Management Group coaching model is based on the Five Essential Skills for Managing Adult ADD. Working with your coach and committing to the process, you’ll develop a personalized toolkit of skills and strategies that you can rely on when challenges arise. You’ll be able to:

Break the Cycle of Overwhelm

  • Manage your stress to keep your ADD under control
  • Avoid ADD overwhelm and burnout
  • Regulate your sleep patterns and energy levels
  • Slow down and recharge on a regular basis
  • Focus on your own needs and wants first, in order to help yourself and be there for others

Work with Your ADD Instead of Against it

  • Work with your unique brain wiring to pay attention, maintain focus, and retain information
  • Minimize distractions
  • Determine what you need to be calm, centered, and productive at any given time
  • Customize tools and strategies to work for you

ADDjust Your Attitude

  • Build your confidence
  • Get to know and use your strengths
  • Cut out self-judgment and criticism
  • Focus on your accomplishments and successes
  • Reconnect with your interests and passions
  • Enjoy an increase in motivation and energy levels
  • Break your negative thinking patterns
  • Create positive thinking patterns that will benefit you in every aspect of life
  • Reframe failures as learning experiences

Become Organized Enough to Reach Your Goals

  • Create structure for yourself
  • Organize yourself, your projects, and your physical spaces
  • Use time management tools that work for you
  • Manage your time, and be on time
  • Prioritize your tasks and to-dos
  • Plan your projects from start to finish

Live Out Loud

  • Determine what’s really important to you
  • Set goals that make sense for you
  • Develop plans to follow through and carry out those goals
  • Start living those dreams and goals you’ve been putting off for too long


Coaching with Jennifer Koretsky

Jennifer Koretsky is the Founder and Head Coach of the ADD Management Group.

Jen specializes in coaching overachieving ADDers, including business owners, entrepreneurs, academics, high level executives, creatives and people who ache to achieve their potential.

She'll work with you to help you develop the 5 Essential Skills for Managing Adult ADD, and customize the materials and strategies to work for you.

Single, laser coaching sessions are available, but in most cases clients will want to participate in a monthly private coaching plan. Monthly plans include:

Private Coaching by Phone. You’ll meet with Jennifer on a regular basis and have the opportunity to be coached on current events in your life (like issues at home, work, etc.), in addition to the basic ADD Management skills. Coaching prep forms we provide will help you prepare for your sessions.

Email Coaching. You’re also welcome to email Jen. Ask questions, share successes, process thoughts and feelings, or just check in!

Please contact us for Jennifer's current session availability.

We offer the following coaching plans:

Option 1: Single Laser Coaching Session

  • One 50-minute laser coaching session (limited to one session per person per month)
  • One follow up email
  • $200 one-time fee/paid in advance


Option 2: Intensive Private Coaching

  • Three 50-minute sessions per month
  • Unlimited email coaching
  • $550/month, paid in advance



Before You Register, You Should Know…

Coaching fees: Payment is required in advance for coaching sessions. Sessions must be used within the month of purchase.

Your commitment: There is no minimum commitment required in our coaching plans. However, we strongly suggest making a commitment of at least 3 months in order to make progress and see results.

Coaching is not a magic solution. Coaching clients are required to:

Show up for appointments. The only way to see results is to follow through on your commitment. Sometimes a conversation with your coach is all you need to get motivated and fee good!

Do the work. The strategies, plans, and goals that you discuss with your coach will require some trial and error. Persistence pays off.

Have an open mind. Some of the things that we will teach you and coach you on may seem counterintuitive at first. But we know they work!


Ready to Begin?

If you’ve read this webpage carefully, considered both the benefits and commitments, and are feeling excited by the idea of learning to manage your ADD, building your confidence and moving forward in life, then please sign up for private ADD coaching with Jennifer!