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The ADD Management Group is proud to present a coaching toolkit for parents...

Control the Chaos in Your AD/HD Family with
a Simple, Three-Step Process!

Dear AD/HD Parent,

Does Your Household Sometimes Feel

Like a Family Circus?

You want only the best for your child with AD/HD. You want them to be happy, successful, and stress-free. But it's hard. Kids with AD/HD often need special attention to ensure that they are happy and optimally functioning.

In an effort to be the best parent you can be, you've read books, searched the Internet, and tried countless strategies to help your child succeed and make your household run smoothly. But many of the parenting strategies out there don't take into account the fact that AD/HD runs in the family ...which means that if a family has one or more kids with AD/HD, then chances are one or both parents have AD/HD, too!

It's Hard Enough to Manage Your Own AD/HD,

Let Alone Your Kid's.

As a result, you feel like you're constantly trying to catch up, and you worry that your child isn't living up to their potential. More often than not, the household feels chaotic, and everyone tends to be stressed out. Sometimes, you feel hopeless.

But There is Hope!

We Can Help.

Taming the Family Circus: Solutions for AD/HD Parents with AD/HD Kids is a coaching toolkit specifically for AD/HD families.

This unique program is helping countless parents ease stress and create structure in their AD/HD families!

Taming the Family Circus Coaching Toolkit: Solutions for
AD/HD Parents with AD/HD Kids

(Includes Audio CD and Step-by-Step Booklet)


Plus Shipping & Handling

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ADD Management Group coaches Jennifer Koretsky and Sharon Howell lead you through three proven solutions for managing AD/HD in the family environment.

This coaching toolkit contains an audio CD and instruction booklet that walks you through the process. Each solution is broken down into action-oriented steps that you can implement immediately.

What Every ADDer Ought To Know

About Parenting

Research shows that effective parenting is one of the factors that predicts how well a child with AD/HD will do in adulthood.

Parenting is just as much about YOU as it is about your kids.

Without the appropriate systems and structure to meet your children's needs--as well as your own--then clutter, chaos and confusion will create high stress levels in the family. This can lead to increased anxiety and/or depression in children and parents alike.

We'll help you:

  1. Get the strategies that will help your whole family run smoothly.
  2. Implement the ideas in your own home.
  3. Take action and enjoy the rewards of these positive solutions.

And show you how to:

  1. Take care of yourself in order to take care of your family
  2. Create a peaceful home environment that nurtures strengths and success
  3. Develop structure that will put your whole family at ease

Your family doesn’t have to succumb to the chaos of AD/HD. You can create an effective, productive, and stress-free environment for your whole family!

8 Reasons To Purchase

'Taming the Family Circus'

When you follow the Taming the Family Circus toolkit, you'll:

  1. Learn parenting techniques that take your AD/HD into account, as well as your kid's.

  2. Get the information and strategies you need to raise successful and happy kids with AD/HD, and stay sane in the process.

  3. Find out why taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your kids.

  4. Get practical ideas for little things you can do for yourself that will have a positive impact on your whole family.

  5. Discover why it doesn't work to try and fix your child's weaknesses, or your own.

  6. Put together an action plan for focusing on your family members' strengths.

  7. Learn how to develop structure that will help your whole family run smoothly.

  8. Create routines that will make everyone's lives easier.


110% Guarantee

This coaching toolkit includes a 58-minute audio CD and 26-page booklet, and is priced at $47 plus shipping and handling.

Here at the ADD Management Group, we know we have a fantastic product that will make a real difference in your life, and your family's. And to prove it, we offer a 110% guarantee.

Try 'Taming the Family Circus' for 90 days. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply return it in good condition for a full refund of your purchase price, plus an additional 10%. 

We’ll even refund your initial shipping costs, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying it out!

Taming the Family Circus Coaching Toolkit: Solutions for
AD/HD Parents with AD/HD Kids

(Includes Audio CD and Step-by-Step Booklet)


Plus Shipping & Handling

(Click here for shipping & handling rates.)


You CAN Raise Successful and Happy Kids

with AD/HD...and YOU Can be

Successful and Happy, Too!