Let a Seasoned ADD Coach Show You How to Get Rid of Your Clutter and Keep it from Coming Back!

Do you have so much clutter that it drives you nuts?

Do you find that even when you can manage to get through your clutter, you can’t seem to keep it from coming back?

Are you ready to bust through your clutter once and for all?

Dear ADD Clutter Bug,

I've Been There

There was a time in my life when I couldn’t find ANYTHING in my home or office.

I’d open a drawer – provided it wasn’t so packed full of crap that I *could* actually open it – and there would be tons of clean but wrinkled clothes smushed in there.

Or I’d open up a closet and get smacked in the head by a falling box that was shoved in, despite there being no room for it at all, and kept there by a closed door.

Not to mention the piles upon piles of papers on my desk. And the avalanche of stuff - such as mail, money, magazines, books, pens, CDs, gloves, keys, and just about anything else you can think of - on my kitchen table.

I would occasionally get into a good mood and decide to tackle an area of clutter – let’s say a bookcase. Excitedly I’d take all the books off the shelves and get to work …only to find myself completely frustrated and overwhelmed that the project took HOURS longer than I anticipated. I would burn myself out trying to organize the bookcase perfectly.

Ugh…just thinking about those days makes me wanna jump out of my skin!


Clutter No More!

Now, my clothes are *neatly* folded in my drawers. My closet actually has unused space.

There are no piles of papers on my desk and, in fact, if I need an old tax form, a bill, or insurance form, I can find it within seconds!

Even my cooking spices have their own kitchen cabinet, and I actually *know* what’s there!

As a professional ADD Coach and an adult with ADD, I know first-hand how ADD challenges can lead to clutter and stress you out.

I also know how to solve this problem, and I can show you how to do it, too. That’s why I created the ADD Clutter Busters Workgroup.


I'll Show You How To Do It

Picture this...a group of adults with ADD all working to get rid of their clutter:

  • Sharing experiences
  • Learning ADD-friendly tools and techniques
  • Getting rid of the crap
  • Creating the systems to get organized
  • Following through with the systems so that they never have to deal with a clutter problem again!

The ADD Clutter Busters Workgroup is a highly structured and very practical 3 week program.


Week 1: Overcome Procrastination

Stop Procrastinating and Make Your Clutter Disappear!

I’ll give you the tools and guidelines you need to sort through all that “stuff” that has taken over.


Week 2: Plan to Succeed

Create Organizational Systems that Will Work for You and with your ADD!

I’ll walk you through the creation of ADD-friendly organizational systems. It's not as hard as it may seem!


Week 3: Create Structure

Develop Maintenance Systems to Keep the Clutter Away For Good!

I’ll share with you the secret strategy that will allow you to keep your clutter away for good. It’s completely ADD-friendly, very simple, and yet so effective!


How It Works & What You Get

1. Three Instructional Teleseminars.
Each week, we’ll meet for a live and interactive teleseminar in which I’ll share with you tools and techniques for busting through your clutter.

Teleseminars will take place on Thursday afternoons - April 14, 21 and 28, 2011 - from 12pm to 1pm EDT.

The teleseminars will be recorded so that you can download them and listen to them again. And again, and again, and again!

Note: Don't worry if you can't attend the live teleseminars. About half the people who join the workgroup listen to the teleseminar recordings rather than attending live. You'll still be able to ask questions on the workgroup website and I will personally answer all of them!

2. Class Notes and Worksheets.
I’ll also provide you with notes from each teleseminar, which means that you can relax and absorb the information without worrying about taking notes!

Plus, you'll get downloadable worksheets on each lesson, which means that you can take what you learn and apply it to your own life and your own clutter situations.

3. Interactive Workgroup Website.
All information and resources will be published on a members-only website, which means that you'll have access to all the course materials in one convenient place.

Additionally, members can take advantage of the website forums, which means that you can easily ask questions, gain extra support, and connect with other members.

Sound good?


Wait - Don't Sign Up Yet!

Right about now you’re probably thinking that this sounds too good to be true…and you might be right. There is one missing piece that is needed to make it all happen, and that’s you!

So, this is very important...

DO NOT join this workgroup if you’re not ready to tackle your clutter. If you’re not ready yet, that’s okay. But please don’t waste my time and your money if you’re not ready.

DO NOT join this workgroup if you’re not willing to spend a little bit of time each day tackling your clutter. Clearly, you’ll have to do some work to bust through your clutter. I promise it won’t be overwhelming, but you will have to put some time and energy into it!

DO NOT join this workgroup if you have unrealistic expectations about what you can actually achieve in 3 weeks. In 3 weeks, you CAN get rid of the clutter in one room (or area) of your home or office and keep it away. You probably CANNOT get rid of all the clutter in your entire home! BUT, you will be able to take what you learn in 3 weeks and very easily apply it to the rest of your home or office after the workgroup has concluded.

DO NOT join this workgroup if you are not comfortable using Internet technology. (VERY IMPORTANT!) You don't need to be a techno-wiz to participate, but you do need to be comfortable and confident on your computer and the Internet. Resources and materials, as well as the opportunity to connect, will be available on a members-only website. If you have a slow Internet connection or are not comfortable navigating websites, then this workgroup is not for you.

And – most importantly - DO NOT join this workgroup if you’re a BMW – a Bitcher, Moaner & Whiner. There are plenty of ADDers who are sick of bitching, moaning, and whining, and just want to move forward! You are allowed to express your frustration, you are allowed to get stuck once in a while, and you are allowed to need help and support with your clutter challenges. But no BMWs are allowed. (And I am very serious about this!)


Are You Ready?

If you...

Are ready to invest some time and energy,

Have realistic expectations, and

Are the type of person who likes to take action instead of complaining,

Then I want YOU to join my ADD Clutter Busters Workgroup!



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Kiss Your Clutter Goodbye!

This breakthrough program has helped countless adults with ADD bust through their clutter and keep it away for good!

This kit includes a 55-minute audio CD and 26-page booklet. 110% guarantee.


The ADD Clutter Busters Workgroup is our most popular program here at the ADD Management Group, and we only run it once a year.

If you're really and truly ready to get rid of your clutter - once and for all - then don't miss your opportunity to join us!


Jennifer Koretsky
Author of Odd One Out: The Maverick's Guide to Adult ADD
Founder of the ADD Management Group, LLC
Director of the Virtual AD/HD Conference







Dear Jen,

Here it is Friday afternoon, usually about this time I am frantically trying to find a phone number or check some information about a client or trying to get my charting done. Today I have once again got to do what has become my weekly ritual. And I have you to thank for it.

I found your site in mid-March of 2006, what a difference it has made. I hooked up with the forums and registered for the Clutter Buster Workgroup. 

How I wish I had taken a 'Before' picture of my office. I had stacks of papers EVERYWHERE - any and all flat surfaces were covered. The file drawers were crammed as well. I was one of those folks who thought every thing - thought, phone number, name, assignment needed its very own piece of paper. And I hate to say it, I had kept three-fourths of those since I started working at this job three years ago!!!

I must admit I was skeptical even when I enrolled, Not any more! In three weeks I went from a fire hazard to what I had as a goal "I'd like a place that is easy to 'keep up' ... a peaceful place I want to be in."

I am very proud of my accomplishment - I did the worksheets and my assignments and now I am able to spend my Friday afternoons doing what I want knowing that my office is well kept and that I'm ready to come back next week and be more productive than ever.

The reactions to this change have been interesting - in Week One when I was in major sort mode - I had folks come by and ask if I had resigned! By the time I was finishing Week Three, folks who usually don't come up to this floor were coming by and admiring my work. 'Wow, what did you do with all that junk?' they asked.

The most gratifying has been people who come by and ask how I did it and could I please talk with X about doing it too. Everybody knows I'm not available between 8:15-8:30 every morning and every afternoon between 4:00-4:15.

I am no longer a slave to ADD & disorganization.

I have a system that works for me and I am so much more confident and less anxious.

Thank you for developing this course. I have an office that I can do more in and actually enjoy being in. Very well worth the investment of my time and money - thank you.

If folks think they don't have time to do this - they are so wrong! They need to give themselves a break.

I now have more time and a work space where I KNOW where everything is!!!

Oh yeah, for 'graduation' I gave myself a Pledge Duster Plus and I dust all the empty surfaces before I leave for the weekend :)

Thanks again,

Barbara Bradford
Minneapolis, MN











  In this Workgroup, you'll:
  • Overcome the procrastination that you experience when you try to get organized
  • Create organizational systems that will work for you
  • Develop the structure you need to keep the clutter from coming back!





  Your Workgroup Includes:
  • 3 Live Teleseminars
  • Teleseminar Recordings
  • Notes and Worksheets
  • Members-only Website








Dear Jen,

"I’ve probably read 20 organization books in the last 10 years and it’s always been about the systems. But what you’ve covered in the program - the ADD-friendly lifestyle changes and commitments – is really what it takes to get rid of clutter.

I think you’ve got a great thing here. This program really works!"

David Smart
The Woodlands, TX


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Plattekill, NY 12568